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About us
Act.1 was founded in 2016 to create thoughtful and comfortable clothes.
Our design is led by function rather than trends. The brand is focused on creating a modern unisex wardrobe, combining universal silhouettes and utilitarian elements.
Manufacturing is based in Kyiv which helps us to achieve high product quality and support local businesses.

It is important for us to take care of the planet. That's why we are focused on creating timeless objects, instead of fast fashion. Our motto – less is more.


We believe in creating thoughtful clothes. Not only to attract attention but also to bring value to people's every day life. Each piece of clothing should be valuable for its convenience for work, home and outdoor activities. Armed with interests in science, art and different cultures, with each drop we tell a little story that inspires us to rethink the future. We strive to create a community and environment for new ideas and culture.

Core values and inspiration

Modernist trends in architecture and art are a great source of inspiration for us. Modernism, as a postwar trend, was an optimistic style. People tried to build for the future, approaching it with intelligence and innovation. We share this approach. We grew up among the monuments of that time. Among the bizarre soviet housing and huge industrial enterprises, designed on the principle of strict functionality. Among the special urbanism of Kyiv and Kharkiv with the futuristic remnants of an era that never came. Our environment is a product of utopian ideas of artists and architects of the beginning of the century. And not fully implemented, they paved the way for modern design.

We pay tribute to this aesthetic of reformism, simplification and utilitarian orientation of objects of life, including clothing.

While creating our garments, we hold to the approach of V. Tatlin, who claimed that an object should have three qualities: be functional, durable and aesthetic.